Joy Bus Service Information

Bus Rules


  • In the case that the bus arrives slightly early, the bus will wait until the time listed below. If you do not arrive at the bus by your assigned time, the bus will have to leave to go to the next pick-up.
  • In the case that the bus is dropping off your child at home and you are not there to pick-up, we will have to continue to the next location and your child will stay on the bus and return to school. You will have to pick-up your child at Joy to the World in this case.
  • Please understand that due to traffic and other uncontrollable circumstances, the bus may be late. If we will be more than 5 minutes past the time listed below, we will make our best effort to send an SMS message.


If you will be absent from school, there are two steps to follow to notify the school and the bus.

  1. Step 1: Either call the school or fill out the online absence form so that your Head Teacher is notified of your absence.
  2. Step 2: Send an SMS message directly to the bus.
  • Please see the code next to the time to know which bus: (Y)=Yellow Bus、(B)=Blue Bus、(S)=Special Bus )
  • Please understand there is no refund for cancelled bus trips.

Yellow Bus:  080-9446-0328

Blue Bus:     080-2343-6285

Special Bus:    070-4299-4598  

Bus Service/Bus Troubles

Although we will try to avoid cancelling the bus, in the case of an unexpected situation such as a breakdown or extreme weather, we will inform you via SMS message. In those cases it will be the parents responsibility to bring their child to school. Bus StaffOur bus staff and driver are focused on helping the students get in and off of the bus and staying on schedule. Please refrain from having conversations with the monitor and driver. If you have a question about the schedule or the class, please email or call the school office.  

⚠️ Please understand the rules above and also that there is no refund for tuition or bus service fees in the case of any of the reasons listed above.

⚠️ We ask that you please follow these rules for the safety of the children riding and to be sure that we can run the buses smoothly and on time. Bus service may be cancelled if the above rules are not followed.


  • バスが予定よりも早く到着した際、登録されているお時間まではお待ちいたしますがお時間になってもいらっしゃらない場合は出発いたしますので遅刻のないようお願いいたします。
  • お帰りの際も同様、お送り時間に保護者の方がお送り場所にいらっしゃらない場合は出発いたします。この場合は同乗している全てのお子さまを送り届けた後、学校に連れて戻りますので学校まで保護者の方の責任でお迎えに来てください。
  • また、時間通りに到着するように努めますが、渋滞や通行止め等により万が一、5分以上遅刻する場合にはこちらからご連絡いたします。



  1. オフィスに欠席の連絡を入れる、もしくはオンライン上で欠席フォームを送信する。
  2. ジョイバスへSMS(ショートメッセージ)を送る。(バスへのお電話はお控えください。)クラスの欠席届とバスの欠席届は異なりますので必ず両方を行ってください。ステップ1はクラスの欠席、ステップ2はバスへの欠席を連絡するものです。
  • この場合クラスの振替や返金は一切ございませんのでご了承ください。
  • スケジュール時間の右側にあるアルファベットは(Y)=Yellow Bus、(B)=Blue Bus、(S)=Special Busでございます。乗車するバスの色によって連絡先が異なりますので必ずご確認ください。

Yellow Bus:  080-9446-0328
Blue Bus:      080-2343-6285
Special Bus: 070-4299-4598





⚠️ 上記の理由につき万が一授業に間に合わなかった場合の授業料やバスサービス料のご返金、お振り替え等はいたしませんので予めご了承ください。
⚠️ バスルールをお守りいただけない方にはご案内をお断りする場合もございます。

New Bus Service Rule School Year

Posted: June 7, 2019

As the Joy Bus service is a reasonably priced set package, please understand that in the case that your bus service falls on the Final Performance day, the cost of the package is not adjusted.


Bus Safety Notice

Posted: May 3, 2019

Dear Joy Families,

As you may have seen in the news, there was a terrible incident in the Noborito area of Kawasaki the other day in which children were attacked while waiting for their school bus.

In response to this incident, to ensure the safety of students, we have instructed all Joy bus drivers and monitors to check the area around the buses thoroughly for suspicious persons when stopping at school bus stops.

We would also like to ask parents to be vigilant in checking the area around the bus stop when waiting for their children.