Afterschool Elementary


1st to 4th Grade
Monday - Thursday
4:00 - 6:00 pm (3:15 Door Opens)

The Afterschool Elementary program at Joy to the World was created to help maintain and strengthen the English language skills of Joy graduates who moved into the Japanese school system for Elementary school. Since then, it has grown to include students who have studied abroad, as well as students who never attended Joy to the World.

Within the student body of the program is a broad range of abilities and interests. Each family also has its own set of goals for their child.

While responding to these various skill levels and needs, we have a crafted our program to be one that makes use of the short and valuable time we have with students. (Students moving from our Kindergarten program into Afterschool Elementary will go from approximately 850 hours of instruction to 80 - 100 hours of English immersion per year.)

Our program focuses on improving English literacy through reading, writing, and vocabulary building.

Our program is divided into four levels based on average reading levels for American Elementary Schools. Placement will be done based on students skill level, temperament, and family goals. We will also move students when necessary to be sure they are in a comfortable level based on their needs. Improving literacy will require a continued effort throughout a students academic career. Literacy is not a set of testable skills, but is instead a dynamic set of skills that students will learn at an individual pace, improving in different areas at different times. Because of this, we do not require that students move through our program at any pre-determined pace. Often, a student can (and should) stay in the same level for more than one year. The program is not designed as a pass/fail class, instead it is a journey that students will navigate at their pace with the help of the teachers and their families.

About Literacy
Our program encourages an interest in English and builds confidence by making the students feel comfortable in an English immersion environment. These aspects of English language learning are lacking in Japanese school systems, other English programs and Jukus (cram schools). Together all of  our approaches can work together to help students reach their future goals in an increasingly international future. Improved literacy will give students a strong foundation to continue their academic growth, not only in English, but in other subjects as well.

Earth Class (Level 1) is our basics class for beginners. This class will build up foundational skills needed to learn to read and speak in English. Topics will include: phonemic awareness (rhyme, alliteration, segmentation, and syllables),  phonics, vocabulary, and comprehension. Along with these skills we will also work on learning independence and leadership within the classroom.

Rockets Class (Level 2) is for students who have most of the foundational skills and are emergent readers. Rockets Class will continue to cover topics from Earth Class, but will include more learner independence, a greater emphasis on sight words, vocabulary with comprehension, speaking in full sentences, and writing basic sentences.

The Sky Class (Level 3 and Level 4) is for our most advanced learners. This class if for students who can express themselves using only English and can read above a 2nd grade level. This class will use varied texts to introduce topics each weak and use the texts as a starting point to talk about comprehension as well as explore grammar and vocabulary. Texts and homework will be level based, but group activities and topics will be done together.


Joined Classes (All Levels)
We will have joined classes/lessons about once each month. This time together gives students a chance to learn from each other and to focus on an activity instead of on “learning”.  Please read the AE Blog for more information.

We understand that as children get older they learn like to experiment with new and different behaviors that they learn in school. While at Joy we expect all of our students to use their best behavior. We do not tolerate bullying, fighting, or bad language in spoken or written form.

If we experience any bad behavior in the in class we will take appropriate action in class and report it to parents as well.



各お子様の英語能力とレベルに対応しつつ、お子様と過ごせる限られた時間を使って英語を学べるプログラムを作りました。(Joyのキンダーガーテンからアフター・エレメンタリープログラムに移るお子様は英語環境の時間が年間850時間から80 - 100時間となります)。