Thank you for a great summer!
We had a such a wonderful summer in Tokyo and Hawaii! We are now preparing for our 2019-2020 1st Term starting this September 2019. See you all soon!

We will be posting about our Winter Program and Open School events soon!

Joy News

Open School - 学校説明会

Join us for a school information session during the Bunkyo-Ku Sakura Matsuri. Seats are limited, so be sure to sign-up soon.

Date: Saturday March 30, 2019
Time: 10:00 a.m.

Sign-ups for this event are now closed.

Joy Classes

Come and visit us!
Sign up for our Open School event and learn more about our classes directly from the teachers. It is our pleasure to show you our school and for you to see that Joy to the World is the right school for your family.
説明会で皆様にお会いできること、そして お子様の英語学習に 少しでもお役に立てる日がくることを楽しみにしています!
Next Open School:
February 22, 2019
10am - 11am
Joy to the World 4th Floor (Map)
Founder's Message

Dear Parents, I know that you as parents are very concerned about your child's education and well-being when searching for the right school, especially in the early years of your child's life. You want a school that your child will be happy at, you want him or her to have fun and freedom to grow, explore and create. Of course, you also want to be assured that your child will be safe and taken care of as if your child was at home under your own care. JOY TO THE WORLD is the school that will give your child all of these things and much more to put you at ease. We understand the needs of children and work very closely with them to encourage and nurture them in all areas. We will also have close contact with you as parents and relay information about your child's progress on a regular basis. Let's work together and give your child what you as parents want for them.

保護者の皆様へ  教育面、生活状態においてお子様に合った学校を選択する事は特に幼少のお子様にとって大変重要なことです。保護者の皆様は子供たちが日々笑い、楽しくのびのびと成長し、豊かな創造性を身につけられる学校をご希望の事でしょう。もちろんお子様の安全面や自分の子供のように家庭的に保育してもらえるかなどの条件も欠かせません。 JOY TO THE WORLDではこれら全てまたはそれ以上の内容を提供しておりますのでご安心ください。私たちは子供たちのニーズを理解し全ての面において密に協力し指導いたします。又、保護者の皆様とも密にコンタクトを取りお子様の日々の成長を報告し合います。ご不安もおありかと思いますが、ぜひ共に協力し合い皆様が目指す目標を叶えましょう。

School Founder &
Admissions Administrator
Jerry Hanus
Joy to the World
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