Spring Camp 2022!

Spring Singups are now closed. Please contact the office for seats on space-available basis.
Office: 03-5684-0247
March 28 -April 1
18 mos - 10 Years Old
Times: 9:30 am - 1:30 pm
Free Extended Care: 1:30 - 3:00 pm
Paid Extended Care: 8:00 am - 9:30 am & 3:00 - 6:45 pm

Spring Program is a 4-hour program for children ages 18 mos to 10 years old. Joy to the World Members and Non-Members are eligible to join!

Our classes are taught in English, but we make sure that the activities are fun and easy to follow for all levels. Activities include crafts, dancing, story-telling, and park time.

Important Dates
  • Jan 14 - Early Bird Ends
  • Jan 14 - 1st Choice Bus
  • Feb 25 - 2nd Choice Bus
  • Mar 7 - Signup Closes
Signup ends Mar 7!
Student playing at the park with a big leaf.

Tuition 学費

5 Days
1 Day
Tuition includes lunch.
If late sign-up are accepted after March 7, 2022, there will be a ¥1000 service fee.
Spring Singups are now closed. Please contact the office for seats on space-available basis.
Office: 03-5684-0247

Thank you to everyone who attended our Spring Camp 2022! We all had a great time and hope to see you again for Spring Camp 2023!

Enrollment 申し込みの流れ

After signing up online, you will receive an email with an enrollment confirmation.

If you do not receive this email, please call the school immediately. Your application will not be processed/submitted if you did not receive the confirmation email. Invoices will be emailed to the address used during the sign-up.



Important Rules

1. For families using our Early Bird Discount, please be sure to pay your invoice by the due date. If your payment is late, and you did not contact the office, the Early Bird Discount will not apply.

2. There are no refunds or make-ups for absences for any reason. If you are signed-up for early extended care, there is also no refund or make-ups for time lost by being late, or leaving early.

3. Children with food allergies may need to provide their own lunch or supplement their lunch. Please call for details. There is no discount or change in the tuition in this case.

4. Program changes after applying:
Please call us if you would like to change your programs days. After you call us, we will send you the link to the “Change of Status” form via e-mail for you to fill out.Please understand that we may not be able to change the days/class you signed up for if it is already full or if a bus schedule change cannot be provided. The change of status fee is ¥2,000. It is non-refundable.

5. Program cancellation:

Be sure to understand our cancellation policy before registering, and be careful in making your decision for the program's dayss and bus service to avoid cancellation fees.

For all Special Program sign ups, we have a 24 hour grace period. There is no cancellation fee if you cancel within 24 hours of registering.

To cancel, please send an email to announcements@joy-connect.com with your child's name and date of registration, and reason for canceling.

After the 24 hour grace-period, we will charge a cancellation fee, as a percentage of the total tuition and fees, as follows.

1. If you cancel within six days after registration, a 25% cancellation fee will be charged.
2. If you cancel between 7 days and 14 days after registration, a 50% cancellation fee will be charged.
3. If you cancel 15 days after registration or later, a 100% cancellation fee will be charged.

We will issue invoices within three days of registration, but please note that all Special Program fees are due seven days after the registration date.

6. Coronavirus Safety Policy (8/20/2021)
In the case of one or more positive coronavirus infections occurring at Joy to the World (student or staff), we will work with the Bunkyo Health Office and may close as a school in keeping with their recommendation or as a safety precaution by Joy to prevent the spread of the virus. In this case, we will not offer refunds, credits, or make-up lessons for canceled classes, Set Extended care, and Bus Maintenance Fees.

We want to remind our families that although we will do our best to continue providing our services to our school community, we take safety very seriously and we thank you for your understanding in the case of a school closure for this reason.

1. 早期割引期間中にお申込みをされた場合、後日メールにてお渡しいたしますご請求書上に記載のご納入期日までがお申込みいただいたプログラムへの早期割引対象となります。当校オフィスへのご連絡無くご納入期日を過ぎた場合につきましては、ご請求金額が変わりますのでお気をつけください。

2. お申込みされた週のプログラム期間内、如何なる理由でのご欠席、遅刻、早退につきましても返金、または振替等は行っておりません。

3. 食物アレルギーがあるお子様の場合、ランチはご自分でご用意しいて頂くか、アレルギー対象のメニューのみ替えの物をお持ちいただく可能性があります。詳しくはオフィスまでお問合せください。尚、この場合でもプログラム参加費は変わりませんのでご了承ください。

4. お申込後の変更:
変更をご希望の場合はお電話ください。お電話いただいた後、”Change of Status”フォームのリンクをEメールにてお送りいたしますのでご入力を行ってください。定員の関係につきご案内ができない場合やバススケジュールの変更ができない場合もございますが、変更ができなかった場合でもお手数料のご返金等はいたし兼ねますのでご了承ください。(変更手数料/ ¥2,000)

5. プログラムのキャンセル:





1. サインアップ後6日以内のキャンセルの場合、25%のキャンセル料が発生いたします。
2. サインアップ後7日目から14日目までのキャンセルの場合、50%のキャンセル料が発生いたします。
3. サインアップ後15日目以降のキャンセルの場合、キャンセル料は100%となります。


6. Coronavirus Safety Policy (8/20/2021)
Joy to the World(生徒またはスタッフ内)で1名または複数名の新型コロナウイルス感染症の陽性者が発生した場合、当校は文京区保健所と連携し、ウイルスの拡散を防ぐために文京保健所の勧告に従って、またはJoy to the Worldの安全対策として学校を一時的に閉鎖することがあります。この場合、休講となったクラス、延長保育料、バス料金に対しての返金、クレジット及び振替レッスン等の対応はいたしません。


Spring Bus バス

Be sure to read our Joy Bus Rules
1st Choice Bus Signup

Deadline: January 14, 2022 3:00 p.m.

1st Choice Bus Fee
One-Way ¥3,500 per week  (¥700 per day)
Round-Trip ¥5,500 per week (¥1100 per day)
This bus will cater to all students requested weeks and times. Pick-up and drop-off times and address need to be the same throughout the whole week.

You will receive an invoice for the tuition and bus together. Canceling or changing the bus after your invoice has been distributed will incur a cancellation fee of ¥5,000. Therefore we will refund the bus fee minus ¥5,000.

2nd Choice Bus Signup

Deadline: February 25, 2022 3:00 p.m.

2nd Choice Bus Fee
One-Way ¥4,000 per week (¥800 per day)
Round-Trip ¥6,000 per week (¥1200 per day)

As the bus schedule will already be set by this day, we will only take students that fit smoothly into the schedule. You must have all pick-up and drop-off times and addresses the same throughout the whole week, although we may give you irregular times each day to accommodate you the best we can.

You may also be put on a later bus that may or may not make it back to school to start on time. Buses for returning home could also be earlier or later than the school ending time or your requested time.

You will receive an invoice for the tuition and bus deposit together.



片道 ¥3,500 (¥700 per day)
往復 ¥5,500 (¥1100 per day)


ご請求書発行後にバスのご利用をキャンセルまたは変更された場合、キャンセル料 / 変更料5,000円が発生致します。ご返金は合計のバス料金からキャンセル料の5,000円を差し引いた額ご返金いたします。



片道 ¥4,000 (¥800 per day)
往復 ¥6,000 (¥1200 per day)




About Special Program Bus Schedules

Special bus schedules: If you need to have a schedule that changes locations or days, you will need to secure each location and time as a separate bus route. This means that you will have to pay for a full bus schedule for each option. For example, if you want you child to be picked up at home on Mon - Wed, but from a relatives house on Thu-Fri, you would have to pay for two full schedules at each location.

Bus deposits (¥5,000) will not be refunded for any reason.
There are no refunds or credits for missed bus service.

Note: We will not take any late bus sign-ups. The last chance to sign up for the bus will be during our 2nd Choice by February 25, 2022.

We will send your bus and program invoice together. If you indicate that bus service is absolutely required in order to join the program and we cannot provide the bus service, we will then give you a credit if you are a member and a full refund if you are a non-member. Refunds and credits will be processed after approximately 2 weeks.

Bus Cancellation

You are required to pay 100% of the bus invoice as the cancellation fee from the 2nd day of your application. Cancellation by 12:00 midnight of the day of application will be free.

Joy Bus Change Fee: ¥ 5,000 per request (Please plan carefully!)

Joy Busをご希望の方にはSpecial  Programのご請求書と一緒にバスのご請求書もお送りいたします。

バスデポジットは如何なる理由でのキャンセルや変更の場合でもご返金はいたしかねます。デポジット: ¥5,000

要注意! : 第2次バスサインアップ期間以降のバスお申し込みは一切受け付けません。

Joy Bus変更・キャンセル

(キャンセル料/ 100%)
(変更手数料/ 1回につき ¥5,000)