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Afterschool Elementary

About Afterschool Elementary
Days: Monday - Thursday
Study Hall: 3:30 pm - 4:00 pm
Class Time: 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Ages: 1st to 4th Grade
Tuition: Tuition Page
The Afterschool Elementary program at Joy to the World was created to help maintain and strengthen the English language skills of Joy graduates who moved into the Japanese school system for Elementary school. Since then, it has grown to include students who have studied abroad, as well as students who never attended Joy to the World.

Within the student body of the program is a broad range of abilities and interests. Each family also has its own set of goals for their child.

Here at Joy to the World we call this class: AE
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Policy Update for AE Study Hall

August 3, 2021

A quick reminder that Study Hall is a service Joy provides for families signing up for AE which gives children an opportunity to come before class starts to work on homework, interact with other students, and be looked after as part of our program.

In the past, although Study Hall starts from 3:30, we have allowed students to come from 3:15 as a service to families. Beginning September 1, 2021, we will no longer accept children into Study Hall before 3:30. Students wishing to arrive earlier than 3:30 may use our Extended Care service. Our regular class begins at 4:00.

Please note this change and arrange your schedules accordingly to avoid any misunderstandings.

Thank you again for signing up and let’s have a great school year!
Kind Regards, Joy to the World





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