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Joy to the World Update

March 27, 2020 2:30 PM

Hello Joy Families,

As many of you may know, the Governor of Tokyo has made an announcement regarding new measures the government is asking people and businesses to follow. In keeping with the recommendations set out by the government of Tokyo, Joy to the World is implementing new policies to keep our students, their families, and the staff safe during this time.

  1. We previously announced that we would be accepting students returning from abroad on a case-by-case basis. However, in keeping with the government's recommendations, we are asking for all families returning from abroad to self quarantine for 14 days. Additionally, children returning from abroad or living in the same household as someone who has returned from abroad will not be accepted into the school.
  2. The government has asked for all persons to go outside only when absolutely necessary. When not dropping off or picking up your child from school, we are strongly urging all families to go home and not to congregate outside of your homes. In order to ensure family cooperation, we will be watching outside the school as well as the parks in this neighborhood. If seen by a member of the school, it may be the case that we ask for your family to not attend Joy to the World the next day (a 1 day suspension). As this threat becomes more serious, we will be instituting more measures to keep the children and families at the school safe. Thank you all for your cooperation.
  3. In order to reduce the amount of people in the 2nd and 4 floor entrance ways, we will ask all families dropping off in the morning to please refrain from going up the stairs. We will be taking all students’ temperatures in the elevator lobby on the 1st floor before they enter the school. Families will use the elevator 1 or 2 families at a time and use the stairs when going down. Afternoon program students will have their temperatures taken on the 4th floor. For pick up time the stairs and elevator may be used as normal.  **Students riding the bus in the morning will still need to take their temperatures and inform this to bus monitors when we pick up your child

We rely on and thank you for your continued support for the school and look forward to helping keep our families healthy and safe during this time. We would like to remind everyone that this will be a group effort on the part of parents and staff. We would like to thank all of the families for your support during this difficult time.

Kind Regards,

Joy to the World American International School

Dear Joy Families,

皆さま既にご存知の通り、この度東京都知事より政府が一般の方々や企業に対して要請すべき新しい措置についての発表がありました。Joy to the Worldでは東京都から提示された推奨事項に沿って、この期間中子ども達、そのご家族またスタッフの安全を確保するための新しいポリシーを追加致します。

  1. 当校では以前、海外から帰国したお子様の登校をケースバイケースで受入れることをご案内いたしました。しかしながら、今後につきましては政府からの推奨に従い、海外からの帰国者は全員14日間の自宅待機を要請いたします。また、お子様自身が海外から帰国された場合や海外からの帰国者と同一世帯に住んでいるお子様の学校への立ち入りもできません。
  2. 政府は全ての人々に対し、不要不急の外出自粛を要請しました。これを受けまして、当校でもお子様の学校への送迎時以外は全てのご家族に速やかに帰宅し、ご自宅にて待機していただきますよう強くお願い致します。皆さまのご協力を確実なものにする為、学校の外や近隣の公園についても監視致します。学校関係者の目撃があった場合、翌日は欠席していただくよう要請する場合があります(1日出席停止)。この脅威がさらに深刻化した場合には、その状況に沿応じて当校の子ども達やご家族の安全を保つための措置をさらに講じる予定です。ご協力いただきましてありがとうございます。
  3. 2階と4階の人の出入りを削減するために、全てのご家族に朝の登校時に階段を使って各階に上がることはご遠慮いただきますようお願い致します。クラスに入る前に1階のエレベーターロビーにて子ども達全員の体温測定をします。エレベーターは一度に1家族または2家族づつご利用いただき、下りる時は階段をご利用ください。アフタープログラムの子ども達は4階で体温測定をします。お迎え時の階段及びエレベーターのご利用は通常通りです。**モーニングプログラムのお子様でバスをご利用の方は引き続きご自宅にて各自検温をしていただき、モニターにご報告ください。


Kind Regards,

Joy to the World American International School