COVID-19 Information

Joy to the World COVID-19 Announcement

February 28, 2020

COVID-19 – Joy to the World Announcement 2/28/2020

Dear Joy Families, 

In response to the spread of the COVID-19 Virus and concern from families, Joy to the World would like to update parents on our policies regarding the school and the measures we are taking to keep children and families safe. 

In an announcement, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has asked for all elementary, junior high, and high schools to close during March 2020. 

In response to this, Joy to the World will be asking its Afterschool Elementary (AE) students to participate at home through virtual learning and ask student to not come to the school from March 2nd to March 13th, 2020 (2 weeks). During this time bus service will not be available to elementary students. We will provide more details soon regarding what to expect for at home learning. 

Thank you for your understanding.

Although elementary, junior high, and high schools will close, the government has asked for all childcare centers to stay open. In keeping with the recommendations from the government, Joy to the World’s morning program and Afterschool Kindergarten will remain open with increased measures to be taken to ensure the safety of children, families, and staff. Please review the important information below:

  1. Beginning March 2nd, 2020, all students will be required to take their temperature at home before entering the school. Teachers and bus monitors will begin getting verbal confirmation from parents that your child’s temperature has been taken that day and that is below 37.5 degrees centigrade. Children with a temperature of 37.5 degrees or higher will not be allowed inside the school. 

  1. Accordingly, we kindly ask that parents check their children for any influenza-like symptoms before sending them to school, including: fever, cough, runny or stuffy nose, sore throat, muscle or body aches, headaches, chest pain, difficulty breathing, etc. and, seek outside medical help if necessary. Also, please inform Joy to the World and your head teachers of any anticipated absences.

  1. We are also asking for all parents understanding as we ask all individuals who have returned from abroad within the past two weeks, are exhibiting excessive coughing or have a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher to not enter the school.

  1. Joy to the World will be cancelling the Term 2 Final Performance and Graduation. Classes will still be taking videos of their final performance pieces for parents to view. We will be organizing a much smaller graduation ceremony inside Joy to the World or Joy Studios which will include only parents (2 adults) of the graduating class and the graduates. 

  1. We currently do not have plans to cancel the K3 Fun Day, but may alter elements of it as events unfold.

  1. From March 2nd, 2020 to March 13th, 2020 our Extended Care program will end at 5:30 and the bus schedule altered. This is a measure many schools are taking to decrease contact during crowded commutes for students and staff. We would like to ask all families with set extended care ending after 5:30 to please make parental arrangements. We will notify any families using bus service with the special schedule to be used during this 2 week period (children with set extended care ending at 5:30 or before will not be affected). 

  1. Joy to the World understands that as this situation progresses, families may choose to take a leave of absence from the school. In the case of absences lasting longer than 5 school days or where the return date for your child is uncertain, parents must submit a Leave of Absence Form which can be retrieved from the office. Families submitting a Leave of Absence form where the return date is uncertain must inform the school 7 days before the intended return date of your child, once the return date is decided. 

  1. In an effort to prepare for this developing situation, we are currently training staff on switching to virtual learning for the kindergarten as well, if the need arises. Joy to the World plans to give students the classroom experience families have come to know through the use of live and pre-made videos. We kindly ask that your family makes tentative parent supervision arrangements for a possible switch to virtual (at home) learning.

  1. We would like to assure families that we always maintain a high level of cleanliness and hygiene protocols at Joy to the World for staff. We are happy to share these with parents.

               All Staff:

  •  Wash hands before entering the office, preschool, or 4th floor when coming from outside the school
  • Wash hands frequently throughout the day (after bathroom, before lunch, after cleaning a child, after using cleaning products, etc.)
  • Will wear masks from March 2nd, 2020 until March 13th, 2020 while inside the school
  • Clean and sanitize surfaces and classrooms often throughout the day
  • Monitor personal health conditions and report these to the school

  1. In addition to continually anticipating government health announcements, we are in contact with other respected international schools and organizations. We are also keeping up with several of the foreign embassies located in Japan – checking their official websites for any announcements related to COVID-19. We plan to act quickly and transparently as information is made available.

Joy to the World will always put the best interests of our students and families at the forefront of our decision process as we develop and consider policies. We would like to thank families for their understanding and support during this time. 

Kind Regards, 

Isaac Guetersloh

School Principal

Joy Familyの皆様

COVID−19の感染拡大における状況下、Joy to the Worldは何よりも皆様ご家族の安全を第一に考え取り組みをして参ります。



これに伴い、Joy to the World ではアフターエレメンタリークラスは2020年3月2日から3月12日まで(2週間)登校はせず、ご自宅にてバーチャル学習の形式に変更いたします。この期間中はアフターエレメンタリークラスのお子様のバスサービスも停止いたします。この家庭学習の詳細につきましてはすぐに改めてご説明いたします。


政府により小学校、中学校、高校の臨時閉鎖要請がだされておりますが、幼稚園や保育所、学童保育については引き続き校開校の要請がでております。政府からの要請に従い、Joy to the Worldでのモーニングプロムとアフターキンダーガーデンクラスは子ども達とご家族の皆様、スタッフの安全により一層の注意をはらい引き続き開講いたします。




②上記に加え、熱、咳、鼻詰まり、喉の痛み、関節痛、筋肉痛、頭痛、胸痛、呼吸困難など、その他インフルエンザに似通う症状のあるお子様に関しましては必要に応じて医療機関での処置を受けてください。この場合にはJoy to the WorldのWeb上での欠席連絡に加え、Head teacherにもメールにて欠席と共に詳細な症状のご報告をお願い致します。


④Joy to the Worldは今年度の2nd Termのファイナルパフォーマンス及び卒園式を中止いたします。保護者の皆様には各自ご覧いただけるよう、各クラスにてパフォーマンスのビデオ撮影をいたします。卒園式につきましては、規模を縮小したうえでJoy to the Worldのクラス内またはJoy Studioにて、卒園生及び卒園生の保護者のみ(大人2名)にご参加いただき執り行いたいと思います。

⑤K3クラスのFun Dayについては引き続き開催予定ですが、イベント内容は変更となる可能性もあります。


⑦ 現在の状況がより深刻化した際には、登校を控えさせたいというご希望も今後出てくることかと思います。5日以上の欠席及び再登校日が未定の際には、お手数ですがオフィスまで指定用の休学届けのご提出をお願いいたします。


⑧ Joy to the Worldでは、いかなる事態にも対応ができるよう、オンラインにてライブ及びビデオでのクラス提供ができるよう現在プログラムを準備しております。


⑨Joy to the Worldでは常に高レベルの衛生基準を維持している事をご家族の皆様に補償たします。内容の詳細につきまして皆様と共有させていただきます。







⑩ 日本政府からの勧告は勿論の事、その他有数のインターナショナルスクールとも対応に対しての情報共有を行っております。また、在日の各国大使館のWeb site上にてCOVID-19に関する発信がなされている事が確認ができた際には、得られた情報を皆様に迅速にお伝えして参ります。

Joy to the worldでは、常に生徒の皆様、そしてご家族の皆様の事を最優先に登校の方針を定めて参ります。深いご理解とご協力を頂いております全てのご家族の皆様、心より感謝とお礼を申し上げます。

Isaac Guetersloh

School Principal