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About School Closure AE Classes March 2 - 12, 2020

Messages for AE

  • Dear Joy Families,

    Thank you for your support as we have taken measures these last two weeks to help combat the spread of the coronavirus. We are happy to announce that as of Monday, 3/16, we will be resuming our normal daily schedule. Our extended care will again care for children until 6:45, we will have our Afterschool Elementary program and accept elementary children into the school, and our bus schedule will also resume its regular routes and times.

    Thank you again for your kind support during this time and we look forward to offering our regular services from next week. Joy to the World continues to closely monitor the spread of the coronavirus and any information or policies given by the government. We will respond to any new developments quickly and transparently.

    Additionally, we would like to assure all families that staff are taking issues of cleanliness and hygiene very seriously as we keep the school clean and free from infection. We are asking for our families help and understanding as we institute policies to assure this as well. From Monday, 3/16, we would like to request parents to not enter the Pre-K classroom or 4th Floor main area.

    We will accept children at the doorway. We also would like to notify parents that if you are planning to travel abroad, you must report it to the office before the date your child will return. Depending on the nature of your travel, we may ask that your child stay home for a period of 2 weeks (from the date of your return to Japan). This will be handled on a case-by-case basis at the sole discretion of the office.

    We are hoping for all families to stay safe and healthy during this time.

    Kind Regards,
    Isaac Guetersloh

    Dear Joy Families,


    改めまして、この2週間への皆様のご支援に心より感謝申し上げるとともに、来週から通常通りのサービスをご提供できますことを楽しみにしております。Joy to the Worldは引き続きコロナウイルスの拡散状況と政府からの政策や情報を注意深く確認しており、新しい状況には迅速に対応していきたいと思います。




    Kind Regards,
    Isaac Guetersloh

  • Dear Parents of our AE class students,                                            

    Thank you for your kind support through all that is going on recently in Japan, because of the Coronavirus-19 outbreak.

    We closed the AE program for two weeks to limit the spread of the virus in accordance with Japanese government recommendations and guidelines. After a careful evaluation of the outcome, we have decided to offer opportunities for make-up lessons or credits to those who feel it is absolutely necessary.

    We will offer the following to all the AE students who need it. We will:

    1. Continue to do our best with online/video support and allow you all to continue to use it.
    2. Accept requests for makeup lessons. (Makeup lessons will be scheduled during regular AE Lesson times.)
    3. We will offer a credit for those who cannot schedule a makeup lesson. Credit can be used for future services/lessons at Joy to the World.
    4. We will offer a refund for lessons to those that were not able to schedule a makeup lesson or use the credit.

    An online sign-up system for make ups and sign-up for credit/refund link will be ready by Thursday March 12, 2020.

    We will send you another message if we decide for any reason to stay closed for an extension period from March 16 - 19.

    We appreciate and are grateful to all of you who have commented on our efforts to support the AE class during this difficult time. Through emails, phone calls, and meetings, many parents have reached out to let us know how helpful it has been for your families. Thank you again in advance for your kind understanding and cooperation.

    Let’s all stay positive and work together to resolve all matters and concerns.

    Joy to the World American International School
    Admissions Office






    1. 全てのご家族にご利用いただける様、引き続きオンライン/ビデオサポートにてできる限りのサポートを行います。
    2. 振替レッスンのリクエストをお受けします。(振替レッスンは通常のAEクラス時にすスケジュールされます)
    3. 振替レッスンの受講ができない方は、この2週間分の授業料を今後のJoy to the Worldのレッスンやサービスにクレジットとしてご利用いただきます。
    4. 振替レッスンの受講も、クレジットとしてのご利用もできない方につきましてはこの2週間分の授業料をご返金いたします。





    Joy to the World American International School
    Admissions Office

Makeup, Credit, and Refund Signup

Makeup Lessons

  • Makeup lessons are available Mon - Thu, between April 1 and July 9, 2020.
  • You can change your makeup lesson date up to 7 days in advance.
  • Please save the email you recieve when signing up, it will have a link to allow your to change your dates if needed.

Credit or Refund

  • Credit can be applied to any classes or services.
  • Refunds are availalbe if you are unable to schedule a makeup lesson and are not taking any further class or services from Joy to the World.