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Feb 21, 2020 Coronavirus Update

February 21, 2020

Hello Joy Families,

As a school, we have been tracking the spread of the Coronavirus inside Japan and the Tokyo area. Recently, the Tokyo metropolitan government, Bunkyo Ward as well as the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare have all released health guidelines for individuals and companies, including schools, to help prevent the spread of this virus. Joy to the World, as well as the international school community in Tokyo, is closely monitoring this situation, with emphasis put on helping prevent its spread by following healthy hygiene practices. We invite our families to review the following Q&A to get helpful information on the school’s policies in light of the Coronavirus and thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding.


Q: What is Joy to the World doing to decrease the chance of the virus’s spread in the school?

A: We have reviewed our policies with staff and are training on disease prevention. Children already practice good hygiene at school, such as washing hands frequently, covering mouths while coughing, and avoiding sneezing into hands or the air. Staff are also increasing the frequency of washing surfaces and commonly used areas to decrease the chance of a virus spreading.

As of now, we have cancelled the potluck portion of our Fathers Visit Day and are asking for all male relatives to wear masks when coming inside the school this day, in addition to washing hands when entering the school. Furthermore, until the virus has been contained, persons who have returned from travels abroad within the past two weeks or who are exhibiting symptoms, such as excessive coughing or a high fever, will not be permitted into the school. Thank you for your understanding.


Q: Will Joy to the World cancel any upcoming events, such as graduation?

A: Joy to the World will be closely monitoring as events unfold and taking appropriate steps in keeping with advisories by the government and the best interests of the children and families at the school. We will announce any changes or cancellations to parents in a timely manner.

For the 2019-2020 Term 2 Final Performance, although we do not have plans to cancel the event, we will be asking all families to follow these guidelines in preparation for attendance:

  • Parents must register all guests of this event and certify they have not travelled abroad in the past two weeks and are in good health. We will be sending out a form for families to fill out prior to the Final Performance
  • We realize that masks are in short supply, but we would like to ask that all adults wear masks for this event
  • Before entering the auditorium, we would like to ask for all parents to wash their hands on this day


Q: Will Joy to the World close temporarily in the case that the Tokyo metropolitan public schools close?

A: We can say definitively that Joy will take any closures of Tokyo public schools very seriously. In addition, we are in communication with other international preschools and kindergartens regarding their own decisions to close. In the case that Tokyo schools close, Joy to the World will notify parents promptly of our school’s decision in terms of closure.


Q: If the school does close, is Joy to the World planning on offering any services until the school reopens.

A: If the school does need to close temporarily, although we cannot allow students to come into the school, Joy is happy to say that we will be offering online video classes! Throughout each day and for each class, teachers will be putting out fun videos for kids to watch and participate in. We will also be making worksheets and other classroom materials available to children as well.


Q: Is there a possibility of suspension of the Joy Bus service?

A: Currently, as long as the school remains open, we are planning to continue to offer the Joy Bus service.


Q: In the case that the school does close temporarily, when will it reopen?

A: As with a school closure, to reopen the school we will be closely monitoring guidelines and information released by the government and make the decision based on the best interest of the students.


Q: Is there anything I can do to help Joy to the World?

A: The best thing all families can do to help the school is to follow healthy safety practices, like washing hands before entering the school, keeping sick children at home, etc.

We would also like to let parents know we are accepting donations of alcohol based hand sanitizer and face masks. Thank you in advance for those that are able to donate these items.


This situation is still developing and we will be taking appropriate actions as a school in response to any updates. At all times, the health and safety of the students and families of Joy to the World are of utmost importance. Thank you in advance for your understanding and support. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me personally.

Kind Regards,

Isaac Guetersloh

School Principal

Joy to the world: 新型コロナウイルスにつきまして       


コロナウイルスの日本および東京都内での感染拡大の状況を学校として追跡しています。東京都、文京区、厚生労働省は、このウイルスの拡散を防ぐために、学校を含む個人や企業に向けて健康ガイドラインを発表しました。Joy to the Worldでは、皆さまが十分な情報を提供できるようスタッフ全員と緊密なコミュニケーションを図っています。Joy to the Worldと東京都内のインターナショナルスクールコミュニティは、この状況を注意深く監視しており、健全な衛生慣行に従うことでその拡散を防ぐことに重点を置いています。Joyファミリーの皆さまにご参考にしていただけるような情報につきましては、新型コロナウイルスに焦点を当てたJoy to the Worldのポリシーに関する以下のQ&Aをご確認いただければと存じます。先んじて皆さまのご理解とご協力に感謝申し上げます。


Q:学校で新型コロナウイルスが拡がる可能性を減らす為に、Joy to the Worldはどのような行動をしていますか。


現時点では、Father’s Visit Dayのランチの持ち寄りスタイルを中止し、校内に立入る際にはこのイベントにご参加される全てのご親族にマスクの着用と手洗いをお願いいたします。また、新型コロナウイルスが封じ込められるまで、2週間以内に海外旅行から戻ってきた方または過度の咳や高熱などの症状を示している方に学校の立ち入りを禁止とさせて頂きます。ご理解頂き誠に有難うございます。

Q:Joy to the Worldは卒業などの今後のイベントをキャンセルする予定ですか?

A:Joy to the Worldは様々なイベントの予定を慎重に検討し、政府の勧告に従って学校の子ども達とご家族にとって最善の形が取れるよう適切な判断をいたします。イベントの変更または中止の判断をした場合は、迅速にご家族にご連絡致します。

2019-2020年2学期のFinal Performanceについては、現時点では中止の予定はありませんが、出席に向けて全員の方に以下のガイドラインに従うようお願い申し上げます。

  • Final Performanceにお越し頂く全てのご家族とゲストを登録し、その方々が2週間以内に渡航の記録がなく、健康状態が良好であることを証明してください
  • マスクが不足していることは承知しておりますが、ご参加の大人の方全員にマスクの着用をお願いいたします
  • 当日はホールに入る前に、皆さまに手洗いの徹底をお願いいたします

Q:東京都の公立の学校が休校する場合はJoy to the Worldも一時的に休校としますか?

A:Joy to the worldは東京都の公立学校の決定を重要視しています。加えて、他のインターナショナルスクールとの情報交換も行った上で、休校の決定を判断致します。東京都内の公立校が休校となる場合、Joy to the Worldは、休校に関する決定を速やかにご家族の皆さまにご連絡致します。

Q:Joy to the Worldが休校した場合、再度開校するまでどの様なサービスの提供を予定していますか?

A:Joy to the worldを一時的に休校する必要がある場合、子ども達は登校することができない状況にはなりますが、私たちはオンラインにてビデオでのクラス提供を予定しています。各曜日、また各クラス毎に先生達は子ども達が一緒に参加できる様な楽しいビデオを公開したり、ワークシートやその他の教材の提供もしたいと思っています。





Q:Joy to the Worldを支援する為に何かできることがありますか?



現在の状況はまだ発展途上であり、今後の状況に応じて学校として適切な対応をしてまいります。私たちにとってJoy to the Worldの子ども達とご家族の健康と安全は常に最重要項目です。皆さまのご理解とご協力に心より感謝申し上げます。質問やご不明点が御座いましたら、いつでもお気軽に私宛に直接ご連絡ください。


Isaac Guetersloh

School Principal