Changes to the "Full Annual Payment Discount"

October 31, 2022

2022-2023年度の9月から適用。3%のディスカウントは、モーニングプログラムに在籍する生徒で、5 Daysプログラムを受講する場合のみに適用されます。






Changes to the "Full Annual Payment Discount"
The following changes apply to full-year enrollments made after September 2022.

Eligibility: Morning Programs Only
Starting in September 2022, the "Full Annual Payment Discount" of 3% for tuition paid in advance for an entire year's enrollment will only be available for full-time *morning students taking five days. The five-day requirement will also apply to Joy Tots and the Pre-Kindergarten classes.

Full Year (or More) Requirement
Generally, the discount only applies for enrollments for the three terms of a regular school year: 1st Term to 3rd Term.

For a mid-year enrollment to qualify for the discount, the enrollment period must include the entire next school year. So, for example, a student who joins in the 2nd Term must sign up for the following four consecutive terms. In this example, the five terms paid as a lump sum would be eligible for the 3% discount.

K3 Students
The K3 students must sign up for a full year of 3 terms to qualify for the discount. A K3 enrollment of two terms does not meet the requirement for the discount.

Full Year Payment
The "Full Annual Payment Discount" of 3 % only applies to tuition paid for the whole year in advance and cannot be used for payment made by Term.

Afterschool & Extra Curricular Classes
Afterschool (Kindergarten and Elementary) and other extra-curricular classes are no longer eligible for the "Full Annual Payment Discount."

*Morning classes are: Joy Tots, Pre-Kindergarten, K1, K2, and K3