English Lessons for Parents

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Beginners Level
2:30 - 3:20 p.m.

Enhance your skills to support your child!

Enhance your child's skills they learned at Joy!
Your child's challenges will grow!
We will help you to be ready!

An English class exclusively for Joy Parents!
Create the Joy experience at home with our guidance!

Every lesson has three part

1-Basic Conversation practice 10 - 15 minutes
1 - 基本的な英会話練習 10 - 15分

Beginner Level


Have simple conversations (how was your day, what are your plans for the weekend, what movies do you like? etc.) How to ask for the time, what is the weather like today?

2-Grammar 10 - 15 minutes

2 - 文法 10 - 15分

How to make proper sentences

Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, etc

Singular and Plural

Past, present, and future



3-Understanding your child's learning process (tips for playful learning) 20 minutes
3 - 子どもの学習プロセスを理解する(遊びながら学ぶコツ)20分

What does your child learn in K1, K2, K3, and AE. How can I help them to enhance these skills playfully at home? What to avoid when doing homework.

How to keep your child's level high after graduating from Joy. (English levels at Japanese elementary schools are very low).


Message from Hamid Teacher:

Hello dear Joy Families,

My name is Hamid, but feel free to call me Hami.

Most of you will know me as the K3 Head Teacher and Teacher for the AE Sky Class!

I became a member of the Joy Family in 2019 and have been an educator for 11 fantastic years! Although my students were mostly young children, I have had fun teaching adults now and then.

Now I am hoping to teach our Joy parents so they can be strong supporters on the journey of becoming confident English speakers! Let’s have fun and productive lessons together!

- Hami

Dates & Fees


Annual Fees/Tuition

Please read our Admissions Page to understand our tuition policies before joining.

Joy to the Worldメンバーの方のみご参加可能

レッスン料:4レッスン = ¥9,980

先生 : Hamid Heidrich

  • 2022年9月22日
  • 2022年9月29日
  • 14時30分~15時20分
  • 10月6日(木)
  • 14時30分~15時20分

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