Safe and fun childcare in English

Your child deserves a safe, nurturing, and stimulating English language environment that fosters their natural curiosity and creativity.
We offer flexible childcare for children ages 1 to 6 years old.
AIDLC Style 1
Our family schedule is usually the same

The Set Schedule program is for families who know their schedule want to schedule their childcare in advance.

AIDLC Style 2
We like to be flexible with our time

The Drop-In Ticket System lets you buy your childcare time in advance, but you can use it when you need.

AIDLC Style 3
We have set days, and unpredictable days too!

You can mix-and-match our Set Schedule and Ticket System. Have the security of set times, and the flexibility of the drop-in tickets.

Experience the new AIDLC

Your child deserves a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment that fosters their natural curiosity and creativity. At AIDLC, we provide all that and more with our English immersion Drop-In Daycare program.
Our experienced and caring staff will guide your child through a day of exciting activities that promote language development, social skills, and cultural awareness. With flexible scheduling options and Japanese language support for parents, AIDLC makes accommodating your family’s unique needs and schedule easy. So give your child the gift of English language education and fun at AIDLC Drop-In Daycare!
We understand that busy parents need flexible childcare options. That’s why we offer two plans: Set Schedules and Drop-In Tickets. With Set Schedules, parents purchase a plan with sets days and times. With Drop-In Tickets, parents can book with just one day’s notice, providing the freedom to adjust to unpredictable schedules. Of course, you can mix and match both plans to find the perfect fit for your family’s needs. Visit us and see how AIDLC can help make your life easier!

Our Rules


1 to 6 years old


8 am - 6:00pmSpecial arrangements can be made for later pick up till 6:45pm (By approval only.)

Drop-In System

Drop-in users must submit their requests through our online booking system by 3 pm the day before their intended reservation. We will inform Parents on or before 5 pm the same day regarding the status of their request. Please understand that approval is not guaranteed.

Daily Schedule and Joy to the World Integration

Please see our Daily Schedule example here.Important note:From 2 pm - 6 pm, AIDLC Daycare will join the Joy to the World Extended Care Program. Joy to the World is an all-English immersion school whose teachers conduct all lessons and Extended Care Programs in English.

School Lunch

School Lunch can be ordered through the school on a prepaid monthly basis, or children can bring home lunch.

Same Day Requests

Emergency (same-day request) drop-ins must call our Joy to the World Office and request to be admitted before coming. For these requests, we will charge double tickets if approved (the standard ticket price is ¥1500).

Time Tracking

All students will use a timecard to clock in their start and finish time. For customers who have purchased packages, your time will be tallied after you clock out and counted against the remaining time in your package. We ask parents to please be sure to pick up on time, though we do have a 5-minute grace period for parents who are running late and call ahead to notify us. Picking up later than our 5-minute grace period will result in an automatic fee of ¥1500.

Minimum Stay

2 hours


Children can bring home lunch or order through our school lunch program. (See "School Lunch Service" for details.)

Payment Option Requests

We accept credit card payments for all of our services. Bank transfers and cash payments are available by request.


From Aoyama to Bunkyo: The AIDLC is Back

The Aoyama International Daycare and Learning Center (AIDLC) has been a trusted name in child care since opening our first location in Aoyama, Minato-Ku, Tokyo. However, despite its popularity and expanding branch locations, we decided to pause the program in early 2020. But now, recognizing the need for flexible childcare options, we are back. And we’re thrilled to restart our program in Bunkyo-Ku, the educational center of Tokyo, and in collaboration with Joy to the World American International School.

A note about the word “Daycare” in English

In Japan, “Daycare” is mainly recognized as a service for the elderly, but in the United States, it refers to a place that cares for young children. Therefore, please be assured that AIDLC is a facility for children, and we warmly welcome them with open hearts.

Our Program


At drop-off time, parents must inform the teacher when they will pick up their child.

Park Time

Park time may change depending on weather conditions or other considerations. If you pick up your child between 10 am-12 pm, we may ask you to pick up from the park instead of the school.

Health & Safety

Students showing any flu-like symptoms should be kept at home. If your child develops any such symptoms, you may be called to pick them up before your arranged time.

Food Restrictions

Nuts of any kind are strictly banned in the school.


AIDLC T-shirt Uniforms and cap are required. The school cap is necessary for park time and is sent home daily. (Shirt sizes start at 90 cm.)

Nap Time

There is no official nap time. Instead, students who become sleepy can nap, in a separate room, away from other students but still visible to teachers.Though we may not be able to fulfill all requests about the timing and length of naps, we are happy to work with parents regarding their child's sleep schedule.

Toilet Training

Our staff will work with parents of children enrolling who are not yet toilet trained. They will advise in terms of the process and timeline.

Still have questions? Can’t find the answer you’re looking for?

Please contact our School Office for answers!

Joy Members

Attention Joy Families

Our renewed AIDLC program is specially designed for non-members of Joy to the World, with campaign prices exclusive to them. Current Joy Members can join the AIDLC at the regular price; however, Joy Extended Care offers more competitive pricing and set package options for even better value.

Thank you for your understanding and support.


We're offering special campaign prices for a limited time! We're committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment for your child, and we hope to see you soon!
All fees are subject to change.
Application Fee
Regular Fee
✨ Campaign Fee
Registration Fee
One-Time Fee
Regular Fee
✨ Campaign Fee
Set Schedules
With our 40-hour and 65-hour Packages, you'll have a specific number of hours to use each month that must be scheduled and used within that month - unused hours, unfortunately, can't be carried over. For our Full-Time Packages, you can enjoy all the school days that Joy to the World is open per month. Be sure to check the Joy School Calendar for school days!
40-Hour Package
Scheduled Times, Per Month, No Carry-over
Full Value: ¥60,000
Regular Fee
✨ Campaign Fee
65-Hour Package
Scheduled Times, Per Month, No Carry-over
Full Value: ¥97,500
Regular Fee
✨ Campaign Fee
Full-Time: Short (9 am - 3 pm)
Approximately 120 Hours Per Month
Full Value: ¥180,000
Regular Fee
✨ Campaign Fee
Full-Time: Long (9 am - 6 pm)
Approximately 180 Hours Per Month
Full Value: ¥270,000
Regular Fee
✨ Campaign Fee
Drop-In Tickets
To ensure availability, please schedule your Drop-In session online by 3 pm the day before. If you need to stay longer than your planned time, please let us know as soon as possible to avoid a late fee. Once you've scheduled a time, we're committed to being there for you, and unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds.
10 Hour Ticket Set
Regular Fee
✨ Campaign Fee
20 Hour Ticket Set
Regular Fee
✨ Campaign Fee
30 Hour Ticket Set
Value: ¥45,000
Regular Fee
✨ Campaign Fee
Other Fees
Uniform T-shirt (Set of 2)
Uniform Cap (Bright Green Color)
School Lunch