Set Extended Care System and Costs

Extended Care is a program to help families with busy schedules. Currently Extended Care is available from 8:00 am - 6:45 pm.To help those families who use the most Extended Care, we have the “Set Extended Care” system. This system is best for families who have very structured schedules and will use the same amount of care each week.

For example, if you are often absent, or not fully using the time you signed-up for, the set program may end up costing more. It is designed as a discount for families who will follow their extended care schedules fully.

Please understand that although the Extended Care discount program is optional, we are doing our best to offer a reduced cost compared to buying individual tickets. We are committed to continuing this service and making this discount a greater benefit to all Joy families.

We changed our “Set Extended Care” prices. You can see your discounted cost by counting the hours on your sign-up sheet and checking the chart on the back.
エクステンデットケアのプログラムはお忙しいご家庭をサポートする目的に作られたプログラムです。現在このプログラムは8:00am - 6:45pmの時間でご利用が可能です。当プログラムを多くご利用いただいているご家庭のサポートとなる様、「セットエクステンデットケア」と言うシステムがございます。このシステムは主に固定のスケジュールや毎週同じ時間数プログラムをご利用になるご家族に適しています。



Great Value for Families with a Schedule!

The Set System packages are great for families who can commit to a set schedule for the entire term. If you are unsure about your schedule for the whole term, we recommend that you use the regular ticket system.

Please remember these important notes when signing up:
The Set System discount is based on signing up for the entire term
There are no changes to Set System package once they are purchased
Enrollment in Extra Curricular Classes (Japanese Class, Cooking, etc.) will not change the price of Set System packages and will not incur a refund
Extended Care used outside of your package will require Extended Care Tickets
Late pick-ups outside of your package times will result in Double Ticket costs
There are no refunds for Set System packagesSet packages are only available before the start of each term.