Pre-Kindergarten Advanced Class (Apr - July 2019)

A special opportunity for advanced Pre-K students.

Sign-Up Due Date: Monday March 11, 2019

Sign-Up Form: Pre-Kindergarten Advanced Class


In the 3rd Term, we will be in an exceptional situation at Joy to the World. Most of our K3 students will graduate, leaving a larger empty space in the Kindergarten. At the same time, we have many new families interested in our Joy Tots and Pre-K Class.

We see this as a great opportunity to offer a new class for the older Pre-Kindergarten children.

The class will be held on the 4th floor to a limited number of students. Children who will be 3 years old by September 1, 2019 are eligible. (Future 2019-2020 K1 Students)

Priority goes to students that have signed up for the full year in K1 and then we will accept student to be in the PreK Advanced class signed up in 3rd term in this order:
Taking 5 days a week
Taking 4 days a week
Taking 3 days a week
Taking 2 days a week

We see many benefits for this class! The small class size will ensure more focus on the children. Activities will be more tailored to needs of the older Pre-K students. Being on the 4th floor will also help prepare them for K1.

To ensure a safe environment we will change the floor surface, bring in age appropriate toys and materials, and create a diaper changing area.
We will have well qualified teachers for this class and will make a proper announcement after all student sign ups are completed and the student numbers are confirmed.

We can only offer this great opportunity every several years and hope everyone eligible will join this class. Please contact me if you have any questions.


今学期を最後に多くのK3クラスのお子様が卒園されるため、3学期はキンダーガーテンのクラスに空きができます。それと同時に、たくさんの新しい生徒がJoy TotsとPre-Kに入園してくる予定です。

この機会に新しいクラスとして年長のPre Kindergartenクラスをご紹介したいと思います。







Sign-Up Form: Pre-Kindergarten Advanced Class
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