Lunch Order - March 2019

Due Date: Friday February 15, 5pm

Starting this March we will be adding a new choice for lunch. Kids Deli lunches user organically sourced ingredients and do not use any eggs, milk, wheat, nuts, shell fish, shrimp, and soba. You can learn more here:

Waku Waku Deli
Price: ¥460
Late Price: ¥560
Special Notes:
- Curry Day is Waku Waku Hiroba only
- Allergy Lunches are only available to students who apply and are pre-approved
- Lunches served with rice or bread (please check menu)
Kids Deli
Price: ¥690
Late Price: ¥790
Special Notes:
- Does not contain eggs, milk, what, nuts, shellfish, shrimp, and soba
- Organic and local meats and vegetables
- All lunches served with rice
March Lunch Menu
March Lunch Menu

We will be offering Kids Deli on a trial basis for the next three months. If we are ordering an amount that is satisfactory for Kids Deli, we will consider continuing to offer their lunch.



Ordering will continue to be online and you can still choose which days to have lunch
If your child is absent for any reason on a day you ordered lunch, we are sorry, but there will be no credit or refund given
Invoices will be sent after ordering and must be paid for before the month of service begins

*If you do not receive a confirmation email after you order, please call the office. (Without a confirmation email, the late lunch price will be used for later orders.)

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