Joy Annual Health Reminder

October 23, 2019

School Health Reminder!










Summer is finally finishing and we are heading into Fall and Winter. Along with the change in the weather, are many new challenges for us: new songs to sing, new lessons to learn, and new seasonal illnesses to prepare for.

We take the health and safety of all our students, families, and staff very seriously. As a school for young children, we are cautious about the spread of communicable illness and we want to minimize the spread of illness at our school.

As parents, you have a very important role as well. We ask that parents keep students at home when they are sick, and to seek medical advice when necessary. When returning to school after having a communicable illness, we ask that you have your doctor fill out our "Doctors Release" form. In these ways, you are not only protecting your own child but the entire school community. You are the first line of defense in keeping illness out of school.

Although the “Doctor Release” is part of the procedure, it is only the first step. The next step is to bring your “Doctor Release” form, with your child, to the school office to get administrative approval. As a private school, we will err on the side of caution, and could ask that you still stay home, even after you have a “Doctor Release.” It is our duty to protect all of the students in the school, and as a private school we take that responsibility seriously. There are many things to consider when allowing a child to return and we ask that you respect the decisions of the school, and understand that we are here to protect the interests of the entire school community.

With your help, I hope we can have a fun and healthy Fall and Winter season.

Doctor Release Form Procedures

If your child has a communicable illness, beside the common cold, please see a doctor to clear your child to return to school. Please remember, that although the Doctor Release is the first step, the school must also clear your student to return to class.

Ask your doctor to fill out of the Doctor Release Form.
Bring the Doctor Release form to the School Office, along with your child, to get clearance from a school administrator.
After getting your form signed by a school administrator, please take that form to your head teacher in order to join your class.
If at anytime you have questions regarding this process, or are having a problem with any of the steps above, please call us for help.