2 Years Old
Monday ~ Friday
9:30 am - 2:00 pm

Pre-Kindergarten has two main goals: first, to guide students in their transition from home life to school life, and second, to provide students with the social and academic skills needed for Kindergarten.

These goals are achieved with careful consideration of each students needs and abilities. Pre-Kindergarten teachers use fun songs and big actions to keep the class lively and fast-paced.

A well structured daily routine is used to give students a sense of confidence.

当プログラムはキンダーガーテンへ向 けての準備プログラムで、家で過ごすことが中心 の生活から、楽しい幼児向けのアクティビティを 通じて集団生活にスムースに馴染めるよう生徒を 導いていきます。

食事、トイレ・トレーニング、 おむつはずしといった生活面で必要な補助も行っ ております。

Joy Bus Service is available for:
  • Joy Tots
  • Pre-Kindergarten
  • K1, K2, K3
  • Afterschool Kindergarten
  • Afterschool Elementary
  • Saturday School
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