Joy to the World American International School is a premier educational institution located in the heart of Bunkyo ward, near the convenient Myogadani Station. Since 1999, our school has continued to offer a unique and dynamic learning experience for children of all backgrounds.I designed Joy to the World to provide students with the tools and knowledge necessary for success in a rapidly changing world.

As a comprehensive International Preschool, Kindergarten, and Afterschool Elementary, we understand the importance of choosing the right childcare and education for your young learner.  We are committed to creating a supportive and welcoming environment for new parents and families. Our experienced and dedicated teachers work closely with each student to provide individualized attention and support, ensuring that every child reaches their full potential.

One of the unique features of Joy to the World American International School is we conduct all our programs  100% in English. . This  allows students to develop their English language skills and become confident communicators while also preparing them for a world where fluency in English is increasingly necessary.

Our commitment to education extends beyond the traditional school day, which is why we offer a variety of after-school programs, a diverse range of extracurricular clubs, and a Saturday school course. These programs allow students  to continue learning, explore new interests, and make new friends. In addition,  we offer a Winter Program, Spring Program, and Summer Program, to provide students with engaging and educational experiences during the seasonal breaks.

Our curriculum is both challenging and fun, incorporating elements of multiple cultures and educational approaches attained through our years of experience, all while keeping its base in the American curriculum model.  Our students experience activities and lessons based on various subjects, including art, music, science, cultural study, and technology, all of which stimulate their imaginations and encourage exploration. Our small class sizes allow us to provide a warm and nurturing environment where children feel safe, valued, and confident.

At Joy to the World American International School, we believe in providing parents with peace of mind regarding  their child's education and care. Our commitment to quality and excellence, combined with our supportive and caring approach, ensures that children receive the best possible start to their educational journey. A journey that continues for our kindergarten graduates as they go on  to top Japanese Elementary Schools and top International Elementary Schools in Japan and abroad.

Joy to the World American International School is a dynamic and innovative institution dedicated to providing children with the best possible educational experience and peace of mind for parents. So if you are searching for the best school for your child, whether an international school or if you were initially considering a traditional hoikuen or a yochien, please consider Joy to the World. We will challenge, inspire, and encourage your child while providing a 100% English language education and supporting and understanding your needs as a new parent or family. We invite you to visit us and see for yourself what makes us special.

- Jerry Hanus