Afterschool Elementary

Rockets Class ( Week 8)

Ana Francisco
March 1, 2019
Long “i” pattern

Long “i” pattern -i-e words and academic vocabulary

Dear Rockets Parents,

We started the class with a tongue twister! “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!” It was an easy and fun tongue twister for them. It is already spring and still a little bit cold but I guess ice cream for kids is a food for all seasons!


We learned new sets of sight words last week which is long “i”pattern -i-e words such as nice, drive, mine, wise and dime. They were able to understand and use the words in a sentence.

We ended our class by reviewing Antonyms, words with opposite meanings by playing Tap Game. I put all the flash cards on the table and each kids chose a word and they tried to find it’s antonym. They did well remembering all the antonyms we learned from last week.


Have a great day everyone!



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