Afterschool Elementary

Rockets Class (Week 6)

Ana Francisco
February 15, 2019
Long “a” pattern -ay words

Dear Rockets Parents,

It was another sight words week in Rockets class last week! We learned the long “a” pattern-ay words. On the end of a word the most common way to spell the long “a” sound is with the letters -ay. Just like today is Monday! 😊 They were able to make their own simple sentence with our sight words : play, way, stay, clay, pay, tray and two academic words which are roots and tree.

Tongue Twister:
A bragging baker baked black bread

Since we will be doing tongue twister every week I would really appreciate it if you will practice the words with them. Please try it too! It’s really fun!! 😊

We also celebrated Valentine’s Day last week! ♥️ They made a heart envelope where they folded the lines. In the middle they wrote a message for either their mom or dad. They finished it by drawing and sticking some stickers on it. I hope that you liked their simple presents.

I hope everyone had an awesome Valentine’s Day!!



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