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January Week #4

Katie Schadhina
February 1, 2019
All about Setsubun!

Happy Setsubun to you all!

We had some real fun times in our AK classes this past week. Everyone kept talking about this ferocious ONI monster... Who is it?! Luckily we heard some cool stories about this creature and also learned many new words such as:

- bean throwing

- beans

- decoration (hiragi iwashi)

- Ehomaki

- festival

- Japan

- Oni mask

- Oni monster

- Setsubun

- shrine

We learned that on February 3rd, a so called oni-monster appears and tries to scare us, but he doesn't like beans, so all we have to do is throw the beans at him and yell: "Go away, monster!"

Great fun and a nice tradition for old and young.


As for the primaries we focused on PHONICS and also learned about opposites such as:

- wet/dry

- hot/cold

- down/up

- big/small

- good/bad

- old/new

- old/young

- happy/sad


We repeated our vowels A, E, I, O, U and created CVC words using them. We also jumped to syllables, learned about punctuation (exclamation point!!! question mark???) and practiced sight words.

Please enjoy our pictures :)

Have a great weekend!

AK Team

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