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January Week 1!

Katie Schadhina
January 11, 2019
Outline of our 2018-2019 2nd Term in AK (January - March 2019!)

Dearest AK friends and families!

Welcome back to our After Kinder blog! Thank you for the patience while we were moving our servers. We are very happy to be able to inform you here every week about what we do in our lessons and what we learn together.

From this term, we are changing our worksheets as well. The children will get to practice more of phonics, numbers, CVC words, grammar and more. There will be homework if you request it.

AK Teachers:

Mikey Bergeron (Advanced Class Mon-Thu)

John Alvarez (Beginners Class Mon-Wed)

Brandon Dunlap (Beginners Class Thu)

AK Term 2 Duration:

January 7th - March 21st

(Mondays x 9)

(Tuesdays x 11)

(Wednesdays x 11)

(Thursdays x 11)

Subjects in January:

Week 1 - New Year

Week 2 - Winter

Week 3 - Winter Sports

Week 4 - Setsubun

Primaries in January:

Week 1 - Phonics (Beg) Pronouns (Adv)

Week 2 - Calendar (Beg) Pronouns, Plural nouns (Adv)

Week 3 - Phonics (Beg) Pronouns, Plural nouns (Adv)

Week 4 - Shapes (Beg) Pronouns, Plural nouns (Adv)

Potato Pals (Beginners):

Week 1 - Good Friends

Week 2 - Good Friends

Week 3 - At the Park

Week 4 - At the Park

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