Afterschool Kindergarten

February Week #2

Katie Schadhina
February 15, 2019
This Week's subject: VALENTINES!!!

Dear AK Friends & Families!

How are you and how are you enjoying this beautiful month of February? The whole AK Team is wishing everyone a beautiful Valentines weekend!

These were our words:

- arrow
- bouquet
- candy
- card
- chocolate
- couple (ADV class only)
- cupid
- date
- February
- heart
- hug
- kiss
- love
- pink
- red
- rose
- valentine's day


This week we again focused a lot on talking. We said individual greetings and how we feel. We also asked why mommy and daddy make us feel happy, for example: "They play with me." or "They give me a snack." or "We go to DisneyLand together!" Another ting we talked about were Valentines snacks and what kind of sweet food we want to share with friends. For sure everyone does love chocolate chip cookies!!

For our primary lesson, we repeated the days of the weeks and the months of the year using heart-shaped flashcards.

Another activity we had in class was how to trade or exchange something using the phrases "May I have it please?", "Here you go!", "Thank you!" and "You're welcome!"

All the kids did amazingly well!


This week, the class talked about all "lovely" things. Who has a girl- or boyfriend? What do we exchange for Valentines? What do we want to give our parents? We used a ball to throw to each other and ask the questions.

For our primaries we thought about using our consonants and vowels to create "lovely" Valentine's CVC and sight words, such as "hug", "kiss" or "love".

Everyone did very well and also enjoyed talking about EMOTIONS in general.

Have a great weekend!!

AK Team

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