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AK March Week #2

Katie Schadhina
March 8, 2019
This is what we did in the AK BEG and ADV class!!

Dear AK friends and families!

Did you have a great weekend?

This past week in the AK classes for both Beginners and Advanced we have been talking about MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS!

What are all the music instruments we can use?
Which ones do we blow, strum or hit?
Which ones make what sound?
What kinds of instruments do we play?
How can we make a simple music piece?
And more!

Our vocabulary:
- castanets
- cymbals
- drum
- flute
- guitar
- horn
- keyboard
- maracas
- oboe
- piano
- recorder
- saxophone
- tambourine
- trumpet
- tuba
- ukulele
- violin
- xylophone

We also tried out the different music instruments and found out how they sound!

The Beginners have also read the Potato Pals book "At The Store" while the Advanced friends talked about capitalizing sentences and punctuation!

Please enjoy our media:

Love,AK Team.

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