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AK January Week#2

Katie Schadhina
January 18, 2019
2nd Week Fun in Beginners and Advance Class!

Dearest AK Friends and Families,

We had a great week in AK. All kids were happy and ready to learn!

The Beginners class started by breaking the ice with a bit of fun song and dance. Everyone was asked how they felt and some other easy greetings/questions. The primaries were all about our days of the week, months, colors, and shapes. Everyone slowly became comfortable with speaking out loud and answering questions. We also completed a writing exercise, read a story book together after snack time and then had show and tell. Our vocabulary this week was all about school. Great job, Beginners!!

The Advanced class danced a lot as well. Every time the music stopped, the kids needed to say what they did on the weekend or in school. The primaries this week were easy CVC words (consonant-vowel-consonant) and also some sight words. For this, we played several games, like scattering the words all around the main area and made teams compete against each other. It was a blast for the kids! Our new worksheets are also going very well. Now every student does the same worksheet and it is easier for them to ask questions and work together as well. Our vocabulary this week was all about winter. Awesome job, Advancies!

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