Afterschool Kindergarten

AK February Week #4

Katie Schadhina
March 1, 2019
This past week we have been talking about vehicles and transportation!

Hello All!

Did you have a great weekend?

This past week in the AK classes for both Beginners and Advanced we have been talking about transportation and vehicles!

What are all the vehicles around us? Which ones belong on land, on sea, on tracks or in the sky? Which vehicle do we need to move from one place to another? How about Tokyo to Okinawa? How about Joy to the world to home? What is our favourite vehicle and why?

Our vocabulary:
- airplane
- ambulance
- bicycle
- bus
- car
- fire engine
- helicopter
- jeep
- motorcycle
- police car
- rocket
- ship
- submarine
- tax
- train
- truck
- ufo
- van

The Beginners have also read the Potato Pals book "On A Camping Trip" while the Advanced friends talked about vowels and consonants creating their CVC words!

Please enjoy our media: the best,AK Team.

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