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Ak February Week #3

Katie Schadhina
February 22, 2019
Subject: Tools!!!

Hello All and Happy Saturday!

This past week in AK we had a great time learning about tools. Tools are essential objects in our daily lives and it is important to learn about them.

What are their names?
How do we use them?
When do we use them?
What can we create using them?
How about safety and being careful while using them?‍

The words we learned were:
- ax
- broom
- bucket
- flashlight
- hammer
- ladder
- mop
- nail
- pliers
- rake
- rope
- saw
- screw
- screwdriver
- shovel
- toolbox
- wheelbarrow
- wrench

The Beginners learned about building houses and creating things using blocks and toy tools while our Advanced friends needed to figure out what kind of tools to use for what (Example: "The floor is so dirty! What shall I use?" Everyone: "You should use a mop!") They also had a competition on which team will build the most sturdy building.Primaries:Beginners repeated their phonics and reflected on the letter "E" and "e".

They also read the Potato Pals book "On A Camping Trip" and talked about opposites such as "dark/bright". "fast/slow", "big/small", "old/new" etc.

What tools do we use on a camping trip, everyone?

Advanced used their consonants and vowels to create CVC words and also repeated sight words.
Please enjoy our media!

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