Joy to the World Proudly Presents:
Winter Program 2019!
December 23 - 27, 2019
Sign up for the 5 Day Winter Program by Sep 14 and get ¥6000 OFF!
We have fun and exciting classes in English for children 2 years old to Elementary 4th Grade! Please check back soon for more information.
Important Dates
2nd Bus Due Date: Nov 30
Final Sign-Up Deadline: Dec 2
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Joy News

We want to welcome our newest class Kids Hip Hop Tokyo!
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Come and visit us!
Sign up for our Open School event and learn more about our classes directly from the teachers. It is our pleasure to show you our school and for you to see that Joy to the World is the right school for your family.
説明会で皆様にお会いできること、そして お子様の英語学習に 少しでもお役に立てる日がくることを楽しみにしています!
Next Open School:
November 9, 2019
10am - 11am
Joy to the World 4th Floor (Map)

Joy Classes

18 months ~

Joy Tots at AIDLC
Children starting at 18 months can start in our sister school, Aoyama International Daycare & Learning Center, Myogadani Branch.
青山IDLC(Aoyama International Daycare & Learning Center)とは、お忙しいご家族のためにお手頃な価格で英語教育と託児所を一緒に行うシステムです。スタッフは学校の中では英語のみ使用します。英語を話す経験豊かなスタッフが学習サポートを行っていきます。未来を担うこども達のために一緒に素晴らしい学習環境を作りましょう!
Joy Hawaii Program 2020
Join us for an explanation about our Hawaii Program 2020!

Explanation Meeting Dates
Nov 6 (æ°´) 10 am 2nd Floor
Dec 6 (金) 10am 2nd Floor
Jan 17, 2020 (金) 5pm am 4th Floor
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New Member Sign-Ups now open!

アフターキンダーガーテン体験レッスン PM 3:15 ~ PM 4:15
アフターエレメンタリー体験レッスン PM 4:15 ~ PM 5:15


New member sign-ups are now open for Afterschool Kindergarten and Afterschool Elementary Class.

We offer trial lessons Mon - Thu:
Afterschool Kindergarten Trial Lesson 3:15- 4:15
Afterschool Elementary Trial Lesson 4:15 - 5:15

Please fill out the contact form below to sign-up for a trial!
Principal's Message

Dear Joy Families,
First, let me say it is my genuine honor to be your Principal. Joy to the World is not only a school, but a family, a community of students, parents and teachers all working together. The creativity and happiness found at this school mirrors the absolute potential found in every single child in the world. Joy to the World has always been a school that encourages this potential with our unique and tested style of teaching.
When children are here, they know they are family and that they are loved. This closeness and encouragement is what makes our kids want to come here everyday to learn, and it is also what makes them so successful after they have graduated and move on to elementary.

I view our role as teachers of this young age to be guides, helpers, and encouragers. By providing a safe, creative space for learners to explore themselves, we help establish a foundation that will last their entire lives. This is a responsibility that I, and all the teachers at Joy to the World, take seriously, and it is what drives us to have the best preschool/kindergarten in Tokyo.
The most important tenant of Joy to the World is providing a place to learn and grow through creativity. We provide that at Joy to the World everyday, and my role as your Principal is to make sure that your child is safe, happy, and successful. I look forward to helping your child succeed at Joy, and thank you for being a part of the Joy family.


School Principal
Isaac Guetersloh
Founder's Message

Dear Parents,

I know that you as parents are very concerned about your child's education and well-being when searching for the right school, especially in the early years of your child's life. You want a school that your child will be happy at, you want him or her to have fun and freedom to grow, explore and create. Of course, you also want to be assured that your child will be safe and taken care of as if your child was at home under your own care.

JOY TO THE WORLD is the school that will give your child all of these things and much more to put you at ease. We understand the needs of children and work very closely with them to encourage and nurture them in all areas. We will also have close contact with you as parents and relay information about your child's progress on a regular basis.

Let's work together and give your child what you as parents want for them.



JOY TO THE WORLDではこれら全てまたはそれ以上の内容を提供しておりますのでご安心ください。私たちは子供たちのニーズを理解し全ての面において密に協力し指導いたします。又、保護者の皆様とも密にコンタクトを取りお子様の日々の成長を報告し合います。


School Founder &
Admissions Administrator
Jerry Hanus
Joy to the World
American International School
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