1. 学校見学 & インタビュー(個人または合同学校説明会)

2. 記入漏れのないよう入学願書をご提出ください

3. 評価 (お子様にアセスメントを受けていただく場合がございます)

4. 入学費および学費をお支払いください 5. 入学手続き完了



If you are interested in joining our school, please contact us to make an appointment for an interview by following the method provided below. During the interview we will provide all information about our school principles and system. We are happy to answer all of your questions. We would like to request you to come to the interview without your children so that we can conduct the interview effectively. If it is difficult for you to leave your children at home, please make sure to contact us in advance.




Tuition rates are based on terms. Joy to the World Members have the option of paying each term or paying a lump-sum for the entire year. Because we base our tuition on the number of days offered each term, our prices are different each term. Please have a look at the attached price sheet for the most current information.


Tuition fees cover school attendance and learning materials. Support classes, extra-curricular classes and actives, and the Extended Care program are all billed separately.

2018-2019 Tuition Guidelines

2017-2018 School Year Calendar

2018-2019 Calendar (PNG)

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